Makita 8391DWPETK 18V Combi Drill review

Ok seeing as this is the first tool review on our new blog site I would like to set out what we are covering in the review and how I am going to mark the tools these are the categories I will use for power tools.

  1. Value for money
  2. Quality
  3. Usability
  4. Battery life

I will also try and post videos once more manufacturers agree to send me the tools to test, but for the time being I will post ones form companies that have already made videos.

Anyway lets look at the Makita 8391DWPETK 18V Combi Drill this is a budget range drill currently on offer with 101 Piece Accessory Kit which is a pretty good deal coming in at £109 from screwfix.

Having used this drill I can say it is a little bit on the heavy side so if you aren’t that strong in the are everyday use constantly could be an issue as this drill is a hefty  2.3kg that is quite a bit for a cordless, so for occasional use it could be more suited rather than some one like me using it all day its the 18v batteries that make this heavy.

But the weight also means plenty of torque 42Nm hard / 27Nm soft so you wont have any problems driving in a 4 inch screw into hard wood another thing I noticed with this Makita drill it seems to rub on the upper side of my thumb and index finger, but that might just be me.

So loads of torque but a little to heavy for my liking but with the drill pack looks like a pretty good deal.

  1. Value for money : 9
  2. Quality: 8
  3. Usability: 6.5
  4. Battery life: 7

All in all good hope you like the first tool  review at

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