200 tonne crane toppled in Canary Warf

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The 200-tonne crane toppled on to an apartment block at Chandlers Wharf in Liverpool city centre in July 2009.

As if we did not need proof of how dangerous cranes are and what devastation the cause when they go over.

This one is no different and he was lucky to be kept alive.

His injuries included a brain haemorrhage, fractured skull, spine fractures and a broken shoulder.

More than 100 people had to be moved from their homes following the incident.

Iain Gillham, from Merseyside, was paralysed from the waist down when he was thrown from the crane.

So keep your wits about you these machines are extremely dangerous even when operated correctly.

The injuries that can be sustained with heavy plant are sometimes fatal and can potentially ruin careers in construction.


At Liverpool Crown Court, Bingham Davis and Bowmer and Kirkland Ltd denied breaching regulations.