Construction industry hit by further 20% cement price hikes

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Many builders and contractors are up in arms over further price hikes in the production of raw materials which have now been passed on to customers on the ground with cement expected to rise by at least 20%

With energy costing more this will mean that cement and they’re associated products will have risen over 30% in the past year with many contractors and builders absorbing the cost which many say simply just can’t go on.

These large jumps in prices will hit major infrastructure projects and small builders five months ago all the big producers were putting merchants on allocation after seemingly all shutting down kilns around the same time for maintenance now the industry is being hit with this major price rise

This price hike will push people away from cement to cement-free alternatives these cost around £150 a tonne but the gap is closing now that cement is breaking through a £100 a tonne.

One cement buyer and precast fabricator said: “The worst thing is we are being told that there is no point in trying another supplier because all the key producers are putting up prices by similar amounts. We’re being told it’s basically non-negotiable so we just have to suck it up.