Baldwins Crane Hire loses its licence

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Bladwins crane hire have lost their licence after the  Traffic Commissioner revoked them and four of the directors were disqualified after the falsification of records which resulted in corporate manslaughter after a driver died operating a crane.

Crane-crash-killed driver

An investigation into the company found drivers faking rest breaks in order to ensure cranes would be on site ready to work on time.

Banning Baldwins fleet of 81 mobile cranes from the road could see sites running short of kit  .

The firm’s mobiles are a familiar sight on construction jobs across the country.

Traffic Commissioner Kevin Rooney said: “The falsification of records to make it appear that drivers had
taken appropriate rest goes absolutely to the heart of road safety.

“In the case of this operator, five out of seven drivers investigated in 2014 were found to be so offending.

“A follow-up investigation in 2015 found the offending, if anything had worsened with eighteen drivers found to be offending.”

In December 2015 Baldwins Crane Hire was found guilty of corporate manslaughter and fined £700,000 following the death of a driver in a crash in East Lancashire as reported by here Baldwins crane hire found guilty of corporate manslaughter.

Rooney added:”I do not know if my decision will mean the end of Baldwins Crane Hire limited, but I make my judgement on proportionality on the assumption that it will.

“The failures at Baldwins Crane Hire are so significant so deep-rooted and inspired by the very top of the business that I find it entirely appropriate that this licence be revoked.”

The revocation of the company’s two licences will take effect from September 10.

The orders for disqualification of Richard Baldwin, Wayne Baldwin, Andrew Skelton and Lorraine Baldwin will take effect on the same date.