Why do we keep selling our industries and public services to foreign companies ?

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TATA, EON, EDF, MINI the list continues of governments consistently selling our companies often originally owned by the government then sold via the back door to foreign companies, so why do we sell the pipes that our water flows through to the French and why do we need China to own our Nuclear power plants and to own HS2.

The latest crisis is with TATA steel who are owned by TATA a massive conglomerate of companies who are not really interested in the workers or the area that Port Talbot is in.

Governments since the 80’s have in my opinion colluded with city traders and business people to rob the British public of their public services by selling them on the cheap, to make quick easy profits this goes for British telecom British rail, British Gas and the Buses we travel on, privatization of all of these public services has been an absolute disaster for the man in the street with different companies running different parts of the railway charging absorbent prices we now have the highest rail prices in the western world, ask your self why is that?

The consistent back scratching and brown envelope culture of privatization of the public services our forefathers and mothers paid for through their taxes to build the railways and lay the pipes in the ground so we could have clean sanitized water, I want this question to be asked “seeing as we the people of this country that paid for the infrastructure in the first place what right to the government have to sell our railway lines, power stations, roads, hospitals, pipes in the ground and commodities like British steel in the first place”.

We were not asked or consulted or even given a vote yet we ALWAYS have to bail out the failed companies or BANKS when they go tits up !

Why do we have to go cap in hand to China for money to build power stations if we found 80 billion to bail out the banks why cant we find 20 billion to build HS2 or Hinkley point without foreign investors, you know why it will never happen because someone somewhere very close to government stand to make MASSIVE consultancy fees or a foreign investment bank will be lending the money so there is another fee paymet, more smoke and mirrors by the elite making sure they stay where they are at the very top.

The British people made this country a power house so why give away our assets to foreign companies that don’t give a monkeys about us. every other European county has industries owned by governments like EDF or should we say “Électricité de France” owned by guess who the french government and Thames water 10% owned by China but that’s just the start.

Our so called government has raped our public services so that foreign dividends totaling nearly £1bn from companies which make their profits from UK households and passengers have been paid out in two years.

We now have “20 national train lines are run or owned by foreign state-owned or controlled companies”

Much of the money that comes out of the railways in our country is used to subsidize rail fairs and energy prices in Holland Germany and France look below at the current state of affairs of our governments failure since the 80’s to control this monster and ask your self this would Germany France or Holland sell their public services to us?

Source: Indpendent

State-owned foreign company: Abellio
Owned/controlled by: Holland
Dividend withdrawn in last two years: £20m
Runs: Greater Anglia, Northern, Scotrail (just granted), Merseyrail, Bus services across London and the UK

State-owned foreign company: Keolis UK
Owned/controlled by: France
Dividend withdrawn in last two years: £37.9m
Runs (part or fully): Docklands Light Railway, Gatwick Express, London Midland, Southern, South Eastern, Thameslink Gt Northern, TransPennine

State-owned foreign company: Arriva UK Trains
Owned by: Germany
Dividend withdrawn in last two years: £15m
Runs (part or fully): Chiltern, Cross Country, Grand Central, London Overground, Wales & Borders

State-owned foreign company: MTR
Owned by: Hong Kong
Dividend withdrawn in last two years: £7m (estimate)
Runs part of: London Overground

State-owned foreign company: SNCF
Owned/controlled by: France
Dividend withdrawn in last two years: £19.8m
Runs part of: Eurostar

State-owned foreign company: SNCB
Owned by: Belgium
Dividend withdrawn in last two years: £1.8m
Runs part of: Eurostar


EDF, France: £616.2m

GDF Suez, France: £25.6m