Flood caused by metal thieves shuts school

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Thieving gits shut school for a few copper tanks these people are really low the story is as follows.

The raiders stole four large copper water tanks and pipes plus an air conditioning unit in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Three classrooms were flooded as ceilings collapsed and 600 pupils had to be sent home when they arrived for school on Monday morning.

Contractors are now racing against the clock to get £50,000 of repair work finished in time for the new term.

PC David Hanson said: “The flooding caused by the theft of these tanks has caused damage running into thousands of pounds and led to the closure of the school today.

“The thieves would have needed a large van or flatbed truck to transport the tanks and air conditioning from the scene and would have also created a fair bit of noise while they were there.

“We want to hear from anyone who may have seen a vehicle on the premises after 9pm last night or saw or heard any activity there overnight. Small details can be important to please get in touch if you know anything at all.”

Whatever next grave robbing mugging old grannies really boys get a life.