HS2 workers to get health and safety passports in UK first

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The HS2 project is pushing forward the roll out of digitizing workers by introducing a digital passport system allowing it to keep tabs on skills and health and safety and inductions.

This is a UK firs with the workforce data will being available to view across a major multi-site infrastructure project under one umbrella of the Hs2 project.

The new system will ensure only workers with the correct skills and credentials can access certain parts of the site the data that is collected will also help with modelling poetical risks, allowing HS2 to map competency and track health and safety assessments.

There are also many other benefits with tracking the movements of operatives and suppliers working across multiple locations, the new system will be able to identify risks across the project.

HS2 chiefs hope the collection and synchronisation of data from local level to project-wide will help to ensure consistency of standards and performance.

The data collected can also be anonymous and provide a learning legacy for future major projects which will help with efficiency for other smaller projects as well.

The software solution developed by Midlands-based Biosite will link biometric data directly to operative information live in real time.

The users of the system will be required to complete a central online pre-induction before undertaking a local site induction and provide biometric information to generate their global identification or digital ‘passport’.

The new digital health and safety passport system will be rolled out initially by all of HS2’s Main Works Civils Contractors to share vital health and safety information across contractors.

Emma Head, HS2’s Safety and Assurance Director commented saying: “We aim to lead by innovation at HS2 and the new Health and Safety Passport System is a pioneering way for us to further our best practice approach to workforce health and safety management.

“We are pleased to be bringing workforce management for complex projects such as HS2 to the next level.”

The HS2 HSPS initiative is scheduled to go live in the spring.