First of its kind “Sky pool” to be built in london

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The ‘Sky Pool’ will link two of Londons residential buildings at the 10th floor and allow residents to swim from one building to the other.The pool is designed to be entirely transparent and structure free, 25m long, 5m wide and 3m deep with a water depth of 1.2m.

Designed by Arup Associates, with specialist input from Eckersley O’Callaghan and aquarium designers Reynolds, the pool will have glass that is 20cm thick.

Sean Mulryan, Chairman and CEO of developer Ballymore Group has been the driving force behind the pool.

Ballymore and partners Eco World are developing the second phase as Eco World Ballymore.

sky pool to be built in london
sky pool to be built in london

The buildings that the pool link are part of the second phase of the development which will be released to market in September, soon after the first residents have started to move in following the completion of phase one.

Using the pool will be like “floating through the air in central London”, according to a statement by Sean Mulryan, chief executive of Ballymore Group, which has commissioned the pool.

“To the best of my knowledge this would be a world first – I don’t know of other structural glass swimming pools elevated like this,” said Sarah Fray, director of engineering and technical services for the Institution of Structural Engineers. She pointed out that there was nonetheless a long history of water carrying buildings, such as aqueducts.

“This concept is a very interesting design challenge, it’s great to see the built environment pushing boundaries and creating exciting and challenging new features in the city,” she told the BBC.

“One challenge will be lifting up the materials – this will probably call for a very special crane.

“Also, as a bridge, the pool will need to be able to cater for the two buildings moving different amounts.”