Tradesmen often go the extra mile

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A survey by Orign has revealed that tradesmen are often the unsung heroes when they are working on customers homes and will very often go the extra mile by doing extra chores even walking the customers dog  or putting  up a picture.

Tradesmen go extra mile
Tradesmen go extra mile


Going above and beyond the call of duty is an everyday occurrence for tradesmen, who have been telling Origin about their good deeds in our latest research. In fact, the Tradesman’s Secrets survey commissioned by Origin this week, found that 90% of builders, installers and handymen will go the extra mile to help out homeowners.

Origin asked 500 tradesmen how they’ve helped a homeowner in need, with almost a quarter telling us they’ve helped a customer by taking them to hospital after they’ve had an accident.

One fifth has performed first aid on a customer in need, while one in 12 has helped a woman in labour by taking her to hospital. Amazingly, one in 20 tradesmen has helped deliver a baby themselves!

Despite their busy schedules, three out of four tradesmen have spent time with customers who they think may be lonely and in need of company. We even spoke to one who had cooked his customer a Christmas dinner!

The Origin study found that many are happy to do small things for customers to make a big difference.

Nearly half of tradesmen do DIY jobs for homeowners that are outside the original job they’ve been hired to do, with 40% carrying bags of shopping or heavy items, while one in every ten tradesman has taken a customer’s dog for a walk.

Tradesmen work in one of the most versatile environments, ever changing homes of the nation, and regularly get insight into the lives of people within their local communities. We agree that they’re in a great position of power and responsibility to improve the environment in which we live. This means they often are caught up in incidents in our lives where we may need their assistance in more ways than one.

It seems they’re also good with technology, as one in four will help a customer use their mobile phone or computer, while the same number will help a homeowner put together their furniture. Being people of many talents, one in ten has helped a customer change a tyre or get them back on the road after they’ve broken down.

Taking letters or packages to the post office or going to the shops for customers is also on the list, as a quarter run errands for homeowners.

Tradesmen also witness arguments in the home; two thirds in fact, while one in five have witnessed a ‘spooky event’.

A majority have fixed old or dangerous work without mentioning it to the homeowner while carrying out a job. It’s no wonder then that 88% of tradesmen are willing to go that extra mile for a homeowner who made their job easier.

Top Ten ways to get the best out of your tradesmen

  1. Make sure the environment is set up for their visit
  2. Be open about budget
  3. Offer them a brew
  4. Trust their advice
  5. Be chatty – tradesmen love a natter
  6. Keep four legged friend out the way
  7. Make sure they have somewhere close to park
  8. Offer them a biscuit to boost energy levels
  9. Play music while they work
  10. Give them their own key for access