First electric concrete mixer truck for Tarmac

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Tarmac is updating its fleet by buying its first electric mixer truck which will be carbon neutral due to the firms production of energy on it existing sites.

The new electric truck is due for delivery this Autumn from Renault and will be immediately put to work at Tarmac’s Washwood Heath site in Birmingham delivering concrete to customers across the West Midlands.

Tarmac is working with Renault and there subsidiary Total Vehicle Solutions (TVS) to develop the next generation of mixers for their eventual widespread use across the firm and its existing customer base.

The new vehicle will operate as carbon neutral as Tarmac procures 100 per cent of its site electricity from clean energy sources including wind, solar and hydro power.

The new electric mixers also reduce noise and vibration when driving and delivering and  contributing to improving air quality, particularly when operating in urban areas and low and zero emissions zones.

The evolutionary truck will have a range of 120km and the the ability to fast charge two hours if needed.

Logistics director at Tarmac, John Anderson, commented saying that: “This order marks the first practical step towards a whole fleet transition to electric mixers and demonstrates our commitment to lead by example as we continue to turn our net zero ambitions into actions.

“One of Tarmac’s key sustainability goals is to be at the forefront of implementing low CO2 transport and logistics solutions, and this shows us doing exactly that.  We’re looking forward to serving our customers across the West Midlands with this fully electric truck in the autumn.”

Head of electric mobility at Renault Trucks, Andrew Scott, commented saying that: “We’re delighted to partner with TVS Group to bring the first electric concrete mixer into the Tarmac fleet.

“Work began on this vehicle as part of their Supplier Innovation Challenge last year, and it is very exciting that it will soon enter service bringing a range of concrete products to Tarmac’s customers.”

Tarmac operates one of the largest HGV fleets in the UK, and this order comes as part of the company’s wider strategy to decarbonise its vehicle network, following its commitment to upgrade its 2,000-strong fleet of corporate cars and vans to EVs by 2030.