New CSCS app to simplify site checks

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CSCS and CPCS has been controversial with many workers in the construction industry with many workers arguing about the effectiveness of these schemes but now there is a new app to check on workers skills. has covered both the CPCS and the CSCS with scheme dividing opinion with many workers in the construction industry seeing it as a gravy train for those running the scheme after a series of scandals with the fraud involved the  CSCS test only reported this week.

Many users of the CPCS scheme particularly in CPCS opps forums on facebook, argue that the scheme does not live up to its billing because experience is not taken into account and CPCS tickets have inflated in price over the years.

One user Richard Hilton commenting saying that

“spent 45 years pulling sticks for macs faircloughs laings balfour beatties tarmacs kilros dowsett prepact on motorways bypasses manchester air port to many building sites to remember . To be told if your cards run out you cant drive on hear mate .yes up yours pal think i am paying good money to go to a office to listen to a goon talking about something he knows nothing about then you wonder why the likes of me have said ok its time to call it a day. The country is full of ticket holders that cant drive sheep . The old boys would tel you if you was not a driver you would be ran at brew time no good waving your ticket at big mick telling him you have cpcs he would tell you go and see a doctor kin glad i have retired .Time for a nice pint of guinness now keep digging comrades the wars not over yet with this citb bollocks”

At the moment there are currently 38 card schemes are allowed to display the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) logo leading to daily complications checking documents on of the issues raised by managers and workers with the new app looking to stop fraud.

The new CSCS Smart Check app means that for the first time all 2.1m cards displaying the CSCS logo can be electronically verified in a single place.

Andy Reakes, chair of the working group developing the app, commented saying that: “Having one app to electronically check all cards at the site gates, whether physical or virtual cards, will make life easier for employers and those responsible for checking cards on site.

“It doesn’t matter what card turns up at the site gates – from asbestos to welding, if it displays a CSCS logo it will be compatible with the CSCS Smart Check app.”

The new app will also alert employers to fraudulently obtained and fake cards.

The roll out of the app begins in April 2022 and will be available for free on Apple iOS and Android devices.

Initially CSCS Smart Check will function as a standalone application and will be incompatible with existing site entry systems such as turnstiles and desktop card readers. There will be no immediate impact on existing card checking operations and employers can continue to use these systems if required.

Head of Communications at CSCS, Alan O’Neile commented saying that: “Over the coming months the project team will reach out to card schemes, employers and stakeholders to begin the process of enabling existing card checking systems to become compatible with the new app.

“While there will be a period of transition, and multiple systems running concurrently, all sites are expected and encouraged to migrate to the new app over time.”

For further details regarding the CSCS Smart Check app click here.