British steel stops taking new orders

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In a shock move British Steel has stopped taking new orders, the stop on new orders for production is being blamed on high demand.

The sudden decision by British Steel’s order book to close with immediate effect came out of the blue when letters were sent to stock holders and steelwork contractors who have been contracting not knowing when they will be able to get new orders.

This move has stunned many customers were trying to assess the impact of the realisation that they cannot fulfil orders many made months ago. has highlighted over the past year the issues with supply lines and the effect of the pandemic on many construction products and prices.

HS2 and other large construction projects have also impacted on the over all demand and supply of materials this in conjunction with the pandemic and supply chain issues creates a perfect storm.

With no real end to the crisis or lapse in price rises steel fabricators have contacted saying that: “We just cant swallow these price rises anymore and lack of availability of steel lists wrecking or business”

British steel sent out a letter to its major buyers which the head of read as the following :‘Notification of extreme demand and capacity contraints’

And continued to say: “Due to extreme high demand impacting on capacity levels, I am writing to inform you that British Steel is temporarily closing the order book, and therefore with immediate effect we are unable to accept any new orders for production.

“Please note that ex-stock sales are unaffected by this announcement, and that we shall continue to despatch materials already produced as normal.”