JCB launches new electric excavator, tele-handler and dumper

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JCB has broken through the electric barrier with its fantastic new range of E-Plant, it has launched its first-ever electric site dumper, tele-handler, excavator, mini excavator and power packs it this revolutionary range, expanding its offer from the one-tonne excavator launched three years ago and its small tracked dumpster in the E-Tech range.

All of the machines on offer are being sold as clean air and low noise alternatives and JCB has extended operating times launching a new universal standlone charger unit for sites and hire depots.

The unit is capable of recharging the 19C-1E electric mini excavator from zero charge to full in just 2.5 hours and can be used to top-up machines during lunch breaks or when they are not in use.

E- loader hooked up to power pack
E- loader hooked up to power pack

The best bit is with no diesel engine to service, maintenance requirements are also greatly reduced, boosting uptime and availability and making the diesel fumes issue obsolete.

JCB’s full-electric version of the popular Loadall is designed to deliver the same performance as the conventional diesel-powered machine.

The six metre/2.5 tonne compact telehandler machine uses two proven electric motors, one for the driveline and the second to power the hydraulic system.


E-dumper hooked up to power pack
E-dumper hooked up to power pack

The telehandler is capable of recharging the battery in 8 hours using a standard 240V, 16A electrical supply or topped up during breaks using the fast charger in as little as 35 minutes.

JCB Chief Innovation Officer Tim Burnhope: “JCB has taken a pioneering lead in the move to electric propulsion in construction, agricultural and industrial machinery, having successfully introduced the 19C-1E mini excavator”

“As world market leader for telescopic handlers, the launch of the JCB 525-60E Loadall takes equipment electrification further, offering a zero emissions load handling solution with no compromise in performance or productivity. We are very excited about the prospects for this machine.”



E-Dumper in action
E-Dumper in action


  • Zero emissions and low noise levels
  • Fast charge capability
  • Full shift operation in typical use
  • High-tip skip design to allow loading into skips and larger containers
  • Payload one tonne

E Loadall

E-loadall in action
E-loadall in action
  • Dual electric motors for drive and lift deliver increased efficiency
  • Brake regeneration boosts battery charge
  • Regenerative hydraulics increase efficiency
  • Full shift operation capability
  • Range of charging options, including on-board and rapid charging



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