CPCS not “Fit for service” after training provider spends 24 hours on phone

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Angry training providers and workers are complaining that CPCS are not providing the minimum service that they should be, the plant operators skills card scheme has been dogged by complaints ever since it conception.

This situation is now stopping workers from earring money because they can’t renew their cards or even get through to speak to the CPCS.

The premium rate line has cost operators and train providers fortunes in calls and many are now tasing the issues with UNITE to reclaim the costs from NOCN.

The company has racked-up more than 24 hours of calls on the premium lines costing nearly £500.

The firm is now threatening to invoice NOCN for its phone bills.

The revelation comes as Unite demanded a showdown with NOCN and former scheme owner CITB.

Unite national officer for construction Jerry Swain said: “As it currently stands the CPCS card scheme is not fit for purpose.

“It is essential that problems to the CPCS card scheme are swiftly resolved. A backlog in renewing and issuing cards is denying skilled workers the ability to earn a living.

“If the problems are not swiftly resolved then the entire scheme will be undermined, which will result in major safety implications for the industry.

“While the problems with the scheme have arisen under the auspices of NOCN, the CITB which previously owned the scheme also have a moral duty to assist in resolving the problems.”

A CITB spokesman said: “CITB is very concerned about the problems within the operations of the CPCS cards scheme and is in close contact with NOCN to help them resolve this difficult situation as soon as possible – and we are told that the backlog is gradually reducing.

“NOCN purchased the scheme in February 2019, and we have worked with NOCN since then and will continue to support them for as long as it takes to return to a situation where people’s ability to work is not disrupted.”

Nationaltradesmen has widely reported the ongoing struggles with CPCS cards.

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