Carillion staff and suppliers told to carry on

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The receivers in charge of Carillion have been told to carry on as normal, PwC special mangers who are the official receivers have set up an official website which is here to deal with all of the supply chain including contractors, agency workers, employees, agents and subcontractors to carry on working.

The following statement comes form the website assuring all involved in Carillions works:

“Unless told otherwise, all employees, agents and subcontractors are being asked to continue to work as normal and they will be paid for the work they do during the liquidations.

“There will understandably be concerns about the impact of the liquidations and we are encouraging all parties to contact and engage with the Companies in the normal way.”

It is unclear whether the advice covers Carillion’s private construction jobs like its student accommodation, build-to-rent and office portfolios.

PwC’s advice to suppliers states: “You will get paid for goods and services you supply from the date of the Official Receiver’s appointment onwards.

“Over the coming days we will review supplier contracts and we’ll contact you concerning these soon.

“Goods and services you supply during the liquidation will be paid for. A letter will be sent to suppliers shortly containing further instructions.”

For workers it adds: “Notwithstanding the liquidation, the company will continue your employment on the same terms and conditions as before.

“You should continue to attend for work and you will continue to be paid as normal.

“Employees of the group should turn up to work, unless told otherwise. Please continue to turn up to your normal place of work. It’s very important that you continue to work normally.

“Agency workers should also continue to work normally and the agency will be paid for the work done.”

On Monday 15 January 2018, the High Court appointed the Official Receiver as liquidator of the above Companies on the petition of the Companies’ directors and simultaneously the Court also appointed Michael John Andrew Jervis, David James Kelly, David Christian Chubb, Peter Dickens, David Matthew Hammond and Russell Downs of PwC, as special managers to support him.