Hard a hat colors to identify workers by their safety qualifications

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The construction industry has long tried and failed to standardise the hard hat color for workers by their skills color coding will be introduced all sites that have signed up for the scheme.

Site managers will wear white, site supervisors and managers will wear black hard hats with slingers and signallers in orange, and most workers in blue.

Colour coded hard hats
Colour coded hard hats

All trained first aiders and fire marshalls will also have stickers on their helmets.

The Safety Helmet Colours and Training Standards have been developed in response to the Construction Leadership Council recommendation to specify and promote card schemes carrying the CSCS logo.

Build UK said the initiative will “help contractors to assess the competence of construction workers, along with their eligibility to work on-site.”

Julie White, Chairman of the Training and Skills Leadership Group, commented saying: “We’ve had some great, open discussion at our Build UK member forums and it’s fantastic to see the new industry standards taking shape.

“Both the Safety Helmet Colours and Training Standards provide clear and practical help for everyone working on-site, showing that by improving our working relationships and using our collective voice, we can make a real difference to the industry”.

Suzannah Nichol, Chief Executive of Build UK, said: “Health and safety is a priority for Build UK and we are delighted with the positive response from our members who have welcomed the latest standards, which aim to make life easier and help them meet the increasing demands of working on-site.

“We will continue to bring the contracting supply chain together to engage intelligently and collaboratively in policy.”