Full CITB Levy and grant information

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CITB collects levy funds from construction employers and reinvests the money in the industry to help training and skills development.

How levy money is used

Funding for employers to train, qualify and upskill staff is the main support we provide with the levy money.

Other services we provide employers include:

  • Apprenticeship funding and support.
  • Card schemes that are recognised industry-wide.
  • Securing discounts on college fees for mainstream craft occupations.
  • Pre-apprenticeship programmes and support for skills competitions.
  • Research into industry trends and future skills requirements.
  • National occupational standards (NOS) and qualifications.
  • Promoting careers in construction.
  • Company Development Adviser (CDA) support to help you identify and plan your training needs.

How to access the levy/grants system

If you are a construction business or employer based in Great Britain, you can access CITB’s funding and support services by registering with CITB.

Once your business is registered, you complete an annual Levy Return which enables you to claim grants for training and skills development.

You can claim grants for the staff you declare on your Levy Return who receive training, including direct employees and net CIS subcontractors.

Who needs to pay the levy?

CITB-registered employers who have an annual wage bill of £80,000 or more need to pay a levy.

You do not need to pay the levy if your annual wage bill is under £80,000.

Find out more about calculating your total wage bill on our Completing your Levy Return page.

How levy and grant funds are shared

The table below shows how levy funds are shared among micro to large employers to support training.

  • Micro companies: 1-9 employees
  • Small companies: 10-14 employees
  • Medium companies: 50-249 employees
  • Large companies: 250+ employees

‘Number of new trainees’ includes CITB-supported trainees in their first and subsequent years of training.

Levy paid £31,241,000 £40,636,000 £38,123,000 £50,354,000 £160,354,000
Grant and other training support £24,639,000 £26,263,000 £33,441,000 £44,573,000 £128,916,000
Number of new trainees 10,996 2,992 846 169 15,003