Builder nearly loses leg in garage collapse

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This is horrible and worst thing is you can see it coming standing between that wall and the garage some common sense was needed there.

His leg was sevrverd and was only left hanging by a pice of skin but they still managed to piece him back together.

Weir told the Lincolnshire Echo: “I’ve had flashbacks of that moment, it still haunts me. Honestly, I thought I was gone, I thought that was it.

“When I first saw the video it was very difficult to watch – now I can see the funny side, but I’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster.”

Medics initially feared  the 33-year-old he would have to have his leg amputated.

But leading expert Professor Chris Moran at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham heard of his case and agreed to treat him.

Weir said: “I can’t get over what’s happened to me. I’ve gone from thinking I’m going to lose everything to making a full recovery.

“Without being too dramatic – I honestly think it’s miraculous.”


Professor Moran performed a six-hour reconstruction operation on Mr Weir and despite being told he wouldn’t walk, he can now run five miles in one gym session.

Professor Moran said: “When I first saw him, his type of injury was as severe as it could be, without having to be amputated.”

His said an average hospital would only see an injury like Mr Weir’s on average once every five years. The reason he was able to be treated was because of the expertise of care at QMC which is the major trauma centre for the East Midlands.

In June Weir will be performing a skydive on the anniversary of his accident he is lucky if you ask me.