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Am I expected to bring any tools?

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      Martin Dewar

      I’m new to working in the UK (although have many years of experience in construction). I’m skilled in many trades. I’ve been in touch with a few agencies, just to get started, and got a call couple of days ago if I can start next week on temporary basis for a bricklaying job they have for around 10 days. It will be payed through CIS. I didn’t ask them if I was expected to bring any tools with me, nor did they mention. The rate of pay is not great tbh. Here in the UK, if it wasn’t mentioned, would I be expected to bring any handtools? And things like levels? They didn’t even tell me much details, just told me it would be bricklaying. I really wanted to get started with work somewhere so said yes without asking much. How does it work regarding tools in this country? Don’t want to not take tools and find out I was supposed to or the other way round. Thanks

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      Greg Nelson

      The short answer is yes you will need tools being a bricklayer you will need levels, line, trowels screw gun etc.

      If you are directly employed its up to the employer to provide tools safety equipment etc.

      Hope this helps

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      Greg Nelson

      No reply?

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